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This self meditation will allow you to change any bad habits, any bad thoughts that have been this stuck in your life. There are two driving forces, pain and pleasure.

Think about why you are working so hard? What is your leverage?

What are the two things that are holding you back from achieving your goals?

First of all, sit down, breathe.

Close your eyes…

Think about the two things that’s holding you back right now.

Those two limiting beliefs that are holding you back from where you want to be.

Feel how it feels when it is weighing on you.

You’re not good enough? You’re not creative enough?

You worry too much about what others think of you?

Feel it. Get there.

Now think about that feeling and how it has been screwing your life up until this day.

Pull yourself five years into the future still with the same limiting beliefs that you have.

Pull yourself 10 years into the future. Now you’re getting older, sadder, yet tired.

Now, pull yourself 20 years into the future. Think about the limiting beliefs that are still with you, still weighing on you.

Then think 50 years into the future. All your friends, your family are now successful, or they’re at where they need to be. But for some reason, you can’t get over your limiting beliefs.

What are you regretting?

You have to find enough leverage and enough pain in order for you to change to the person that you want to be. Thinking about what is something that’s really holding you back and you compound it. And once you reach that threshold, you would feel like, “No, I’m not staying here. I’m better than this.”

Starting today, write down that old limiting belief, cross it out and replace it with something more empowering. Instead of saying, I am not enough, I replace it with I am enough.

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