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The Dickens Process

This self meditation will allow you to change any bad habits, any bad thoughts that have been this stuck in your life. There are two driving forces, pain and pleasure. Think about why you are working so hard? What is your leverage? What are the two things that are...

How to Grow Your Business: Mind and Goal Setting

Having the strong “why” will keep you the right mindset to move forward to reaching your goals. Ask yourself, “Why am I really in this business?”. If you are in this business for a paycheck, your mentality is not gonna last that long. It is not a...

What Traits/Image of a Leader Must You Embody to be Successful in the Business

First you need to have Commitment. When you’re not fully committed and when there’s a door open, you can’t fully optimize your power. Being committed will unleash your full power. You will only be wasting your time if you’re not fully committed. Second,...

Three Key Pillars To Understanding and Mastering The Business

First you should know how to do Sales. You need to be consistently closing people and maximizing your time on the field. If you are able to master the process of Sales, you need to share it to multiply the likes of you with Sales Training. It is the act...

How To Build A Team And Create Certainty With Our People

As a leader, building a strong foundation for your team is one of the important fundamentals. Having a strong core will last your team for years and will definitely create certainty for each member to hold on. Read on the following to know how to build a strong team....

Entrepreneurship Versus Employee

If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you will end up working for someone that does. Most of us have the mindset instilled that becoming successful means landing a good and high paying job and becoming an employee until retirement. But some of us do not want to be...

Change and Challenges: The Pathway to Success

How big are your dreams? What is blocking you from getting there? Go back to your goals and reconnect with your “Why”- your compelling desire to win. And while going through achieving your goals, know that change is inevitable, you will need to sacrifice something,...

How to Influence Buyers to Purchase

“People buy feelings, not things.” -Tony Robbins Buying is a profound pleasure. Most often than not, people are willing to pay disproportionately to feel significant than for any other need. Why do think people buy expensive bags, shoes, cars, or even houses? Yes,...

How to Hit Your Goals: 3 Tips to Success

“Every time you make a goal or a commitment, the universe is going to test you.” -Grant Cardone Many people have considered the year 2021 as the year of collapse. Many industries and businesses were affected greatly, thus contributing to the 6.7% increase in the...

Laws for Maximum Achievement

“All great achievement begins with your deciding, what it is you really want and then dedicating yourself wholeheartedly to attaining it.” Do you want to maximize your full potential and get maximum achievement from it? Leverage your capabilities and discover the...