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As a leader, building a strong foundation for your team is one of the important fundamentals. Having a strong core will last your team for years and will definitely create certainty for each member to hold on. Read on the following to know how to build a strong team.

First we must Increase certainty. As leaders we must be setting ourselves. Making the work environment a fun and relaxed one. One of the most important to do so is to show them systems that work. Preparing the rep to know what to expect and how to be resilient. Creating certainty is another word for attitude.

Avoid the reasons causing people to quit. What are the reasons causing people to quit? Its uncertainty, lack of skill set and lack of confidence within themselves. Instead, develop these reasons and train them to the core.

Inspire greatness in people before they believe in themselves. You will become a leader who create a difference for your team, and someday, you will reap the rewards.