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Cornerstone Marketing Concepts was founded on the belief that the success and growth of one organization helps facilitate the success and growth of many others. By placing ourselves in the service of companies of all types and sizes and fostering partnerships with each, our goal is to bolster the bottom lines of every one of our valued clients and provide employment to talented individuals.

Led by CEO Ken Tang, our team of marketing talent is driven by the needs of our clients, holding their growth and satisfaction as the benchmark of our success. Increasing revenue and market share for a number of Fortune 500 companies and family-owned and operated businesses alike, we utilize both tried-and-true marketing efforts as well as cutting-edge innovations to enhance our clients’ financial outlook while building their customer bases.

With clients in a variety of industries, including home entertainment, digital communications, clean energy, and food services, we’ve developed techniques and campaign efforts that are now being adopted by many others in outsourced sales and services.

At CMC, our people are the backbone of our organization. Our headquarters in Southern California was established in 2015, and is staffed by some of the most sought-after and respected individuals in face-to-face marketing. Growing on a daily basis, in both numbers and capabilities, the CMC team in now leading a new generation of customer acquisition professionals.

Discover the difference that passion and creative thinking combine to make by contacting the CMC team today. We look forward to getting your next campaign off the ground.

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