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First you should know how to do Sales. You need to be consistently closing people and maximizing your time on the field. If you are able to master the process of Sales, you need to share it to multiply the likes of you with Sales Training. It is the act of teaching people how to sell. Basically, you’re teaching them how to get consistent in the field. Lastly is People Development. It is about replacing yourself. People development has five important factors to remember:

First is to figure out what you want in a sales rep. Know what characteristics you want. What do we want an ideal sales rep to look like? Recruit sharp people and retain Sharp people.You have to understand who they are and put them in the place of their strength.

Next is to ExemplifyAs a leader you must possess and embody that. In order for you to teach someone to do something, you have to be able to be that individual. Embody the characteristics that you’re looking for in an individual.

Third is to Create a system that’s scalable. Recruit the right people. When you do, Put in the time and the work to do so. You show to them how to do sales then tell them what you are doing and how you are doing it. After they learn, have them do it. Teach them how to become good recruiters, then teach them how to be good sales trainers.

And lastly, Do not leave old trainees. In the process of developing new people we tend to leave the others behind that have not yet fully developed and grasped the idea. You can have new trainees but never leave the old ones.