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If you don’t have big dreams and goals, you will end up working for someone that does.

Most of us have the mindset instilled that becoming successful means landing a good and high paying job and becoming an employee until retirement. But some of us do not want to be bossed around. And these types of people are those who aspire to freedom and become something on their own. That is the big difference between employees and entrepreneurs.

True security is being able to sell and being able to lead. Entrepreneurs believe that becoming one is the ultimate security. One cannot be bothered by being laid off or bankruptcy. But it does come with a price. The process of entrepreneurship is becoming your own, which means taking ownership and all the bad and the good. It is about putting yourself through countless trials and tribulations.

There are two different perspectives: one for Stability — taking it easy and having control in your own growth. Second is Growth — putting yourself to obstacles and challenges and to push forward. But in return being able to connect at a higher level of people and you get compensated for helping others.

If you are someone who wants stability and growth while at the same time being able to manage your own destiny and helping others, entrepreneurship may be the path for you. Then brace yourself for a true lifetime of adventure with people and circumstances.

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