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How big are your dreams? What is blocking you from getting there?

Go back to your goals and reconnect with your “Why”- your compelling desire to win. And while going through achieving your goals, know that change is inevitable, you will need to sacrifice something, and the bigger the goal is, the bigger the challenges you will face.

Change is guaranteed in life. It happens. When we want bigger things and move forward. You need to take note too that change has a curve. As change happen, it starts here, and then it dips down to this confusion and sorrow and depression. That is why knowing your “Why” and getting them from deep and big reasons are important. Sometimes too, peace is something we have to change within ourselves. So make peace with what you need to do to change.

For a change there is sacrifice. It is the price to pay if you want more. We all have the mindset, the resource to get what we want in our life, but it comes with a price. What must you change to level up? It could be your bad habits, your attitude, or anything that brings harm to you and the people around you, that is what you need to change and sacrifice.

Lastly, the bigger the goal the bigger the challenge. If you want bigger and better, what you’re really asking is, give me the problems, give me all the things I need to fix, and all the pain I need to endure because that is the only way to get to my dreams.

Through change, sacrifices, and challenges, the weakest part of you may become the strongest part of you if you work on it. Start today and do not waste time!

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