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People buy feelings, not things.” -Tony Robbins

Buying is a profound pleasure. Most often than not, people are willing to pay disproportionately to feel significant than for any other need. Why do think people buy expensive bags, shoes, cars, or even houses? Yes, because they can afford to do so. But mainly because, people don’t buy products, they buy identities. Human choices are all rooted down to human needs.

For today’s article, we will learn how to identify the kind of need business owners want and how to address that to your advantage when you are out in the field. CMC President and Co-founder, Andy Tae, will shed light on how to become the best salesman in the field by gauging the 6 human needs into perspective.

First, let us identify what are the six human needsFirst is Certainty to avoid pain- it is the certainty that one can avoid pain or ideally can have some pleasure. Next is Uncertainty which is the variety in life, what makes life exciting. The third is the need to feel Significant– to feel unique and important. Followed by Connection and Love, Growth and Contribution.

Now, we will relate the six human needs into sales and how we can influence our customers to purchase with these underpinnings.

Certainty, if a customer can sense that you’re not 100% sure of what’s going on, they’re not going to want to go through with the deal. All of us have to be an expert, with our product, with our pitch with our pricing.

Uncertainty, the customer has to be certain that the pricing that you’re giving them is going to be better than what they’re paying now. There is good uncertainty and that comes in offering customers promotions or freebies.

Feel Significant, make the customer feel special with your customer service. Make them feel important by saying “Save down my number and call me even after years. I will be your personal representative”

Connection and Love, build the relationship between you and the customer. Connect with them and let them feel that you care for them.

Growth, business owners want to grow their business. Inform them on how you can make their business grow. Give them the benefits your product can offer today and in the long run.

At the end of the day, you should do more for others than anyone else’s doing. Add more value, and you will own them and eventually will own the marketplace.

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