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“Every time you make a goal or a commitment, the universe is going to test you.” -Grant Cardone

Many people have considered the year 2021 as the year of collapse. Many industries and businesses were affected greatly, thus contributing to the 6.7% increase in the unemployment rate in the world (Congressional Research Service, 2021). However, there are also people who found enlightenment amidst adversity. They have discovered new talents, opportunities, and new skills, brought up by the hard pressing situation.

Given these circumstances, we are all the makers of our own destiny. And our success lies in the efforts we make into making our dreams become a reality. For today’s CMC Daily Session, CMC Partner, Moe Ulla, share with us Three Tips on how to Hit your Goals and become successful in life.

The first is to Set Giant Targets. If your target is not big enough, it will not pull you towards hitting your goal. Be ambitious and aim high. If you want to live the best life, set your standards high and believe in yourself to achieving that. Do not forget to have SMART goals- be specific, make them measurable, attainable, realistic, and within a timeframe.

Next is to have Commitment. One should know what they truly want in life. Have your specific goal envisioned and see yourself already being there. And most importantly, do not leave them as visions, make them tangible by writing your commitments down to remind yourself daily of the reason you are working hard. Have your full dedication and hard work.

Lastly, Have an Accountability Partner. Have an accountability partner and be the same partner to someone too. It could be your leader, team leader, friend, or anyone you know who cares for you. Make yourself accountable so when you hit your back against a wall, you’re gonna do nothing but breakthrough resistance. You’re going to make it happen. This is also one way of showing your care for the person and that you want to help them hit their goals

One last tip from our speaker is to set a One-Minute Goal every day where you can read it within 60 seconds to truly remind yourself. When you have a goal, there has to be good behavior that goes behind it. And starting the one-minute goal habit is the influx to your success.

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