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“Successful and unsuccessful people do not vary greatly in their abilities. They vary in their desires to reach their potential” — John Maxwell

One thing that I realized is that we really got to be a student in life, in our relationships, and even in our business. And what I mean by just being a student is having a student mentality and just being open-minded to learning new things. Keep in mind how you overcame your old challenges and how you can overcome all other challenges.

Here are a few things to remember on how to continue to be a student in life:

Don’t be arrogant

You always want to remain humble. Don’t fall into the trap that you know everything already and you don’t need anything anymore. You can always improvise your craft. Call your mentor, ask your friend, consult your family. Ask questions on how you can better your craft and how you can improvise yourself.

You always want to have discipline. Having discipline is really not something you just get, you have to learn and master it. Practice discipline in all you do. Take notes, be organized, commit yourself to making it happen.

Don’t be unaccountable

You always want to be accountable to yourself in learning. Let yourself learn EVEN when in pain. When you are having struggles or difficulties, let other people help you. Accepting help from others is a gift you want to give yourself.

You always want to be accountable to yourself in commitment. Always remember why you started there. Ask yourself, “Why work so hard If you’re not going to finish it? Why go through all the pain if you’re not going to continue it? Why put yourself through so many obstacles if you’re not going to go across the finish line?”

Don’t be stuck

You always want to turn your pain into progress. In a problem where you can’t control, you can only do so much. Instead of controlling the problem, control the process. Do not use the pain against you, use it for you — for your learning, for your growth

You always want to be patient. In our journey, setbacks may come. When you don’t get a goal done, it doesn’t mean you’re not going to be able to make it ever. Just set it back. Be patient, try again, and continue to move forward.

Written by Isaiah Vasquez, Sales Team Leader