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“Suddenly, you just know it’s time to start something new and trust the magic of new beginnings”

It’s just the first quarter of the year and people are looking forward to a positive start.

We want new things, set new goals, celebrate new victories.

But just because it’s a new year, a new beginning, things are going to change in our lives. Unless we do something new, unless we don’t change what we were previously doing, nothing will be different. It’s natural for people to have motivation right now, to do big things. However our habits have to change. We have to evolve.

And it starts with YOU…

Your preparation.

Not only preparing for the sake of, but being intentional with having success on a daily basis.

Preparing ahead of time brings everything one level higher.

On a daily basis, for example, if you prepare the night before, that’s enough for you to get yourself together and be mentally be prepared. You won’t go through the day wasting precious time panicking instead of spending it on more productive actions.

Be intentional as you plan. You want your team to grow? Focus on what kind of conversations you are to lead. You want your team to develop certain skills? Teach the specific weakness they are in.

Your discipline.

As you prepare and be intentional with it, stick to your plan.

Don’t try to go cold turkey and just transform overnight. No, it’s a process. And a process with discipline attached to it

You can set smaller goals, but hit them 100% of the time. Want to learn something new? Don’t go ahead and read three hours a day. You’re gonna do it for a few days, and then you’re gonna go back to who you are. But you can manage 10 minutes in the morning. Just read that one page and learn something from that.

Your attitude.

Scientists say that young people are creatures of habits.

Our brain is so adept at making neuro pathways that reproduce the habits that we live by because it makes it easy to live through autopilot. And people usually struggle with change because of that.

But they found out that in times of hardship, when you have to make a conscious choice of choosing the easy way or the hard way, that’s when it’s the most important to choose the hard way, so you can start developing new neural pathways.

Our attitude should be that of growing. We got to run towards challenges, we got to run towards problems. If it’s easy, it’s not gonna work. Stumbled along the way? Get back up. Fix your mind on your goal.

Written by Stephon Seales, CMC Partner