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In our lifetime, we are called to be different persons depending on the people we encounter or the circumstances we are in.

We have to be a father, a son, a husband, a friend, a mentor… Sometimes it’s just too confusing! Or sometimes, we don’t know what this current situation calls us out to be, or we become unmotivated, or worse — we do not know we have it inside us to act on it.

Right now I want you to remember who you are, what you have in yourself, and what you are capable of doing.

According to Psychologist Robert Moore, masculine psychology is made up of four major archetypes: Warrior, Lover, Magician, and King/Sovereign, In order for a man to achieve mature masculine strength and energy, he must be in touch with all four. Anchor yourself with each archetype and tap on it whenever you feel fearful and confused, not knowing what to do.

1. Warrior — when in doubt in life’s battles, tap on the warrior in you. Fuel yourself to reach your goals, fight for worthy causes, achieve greatness. It is time to destroy those doubts and fears, and conquer anytime.

2. Lover — when it’s time to love, when you need to feel everything around you (may it be joy or pain), tap on the lover in you. Be alive with your emotions, be empathetic with others and understand how to get along and connect with a wide variety of people.

3. Magician — when unsure and need the right resources and more wisdom, tap on that magician in you. Reach into the power that comes from the mastery of a secret knowledge — of a wisdom long imparted, and have the ability to use that knowledge to work around the available tools in order to control certain elements and produce desired outcomes.

4. King/sovereign — when there’s a lot going on, and you need to make big decisions and be in control, tap on that Sovereign in you. Center that power inside; have confidence, purpose, and well-being in the supreme sense of balance. Remain cool, calm, and collected when the world around you becomes chaotic. Act rather than react. Remain immovable in the face of the passing and superficial.