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We all have dreams, don’t we?

I want to live in a mansion by the sea.

I want to be a well-known author.

I want to be successful.

Dreams can go widely, vastly, and sometimes… unrealistically.

Did you know that there are only less than 20% of people that achieve their resolution/ what they wanted? This may be because most people have confused their DREAMS with their GOALS.

Dreams are goals without action, these are the things you’re imagining in your mind. Goals, on the other hand, are something you are acting on, something that requires action and a timeline.

I will be living in a bigger and better apartment by the end of 2021

I will write 500 words everyday

I will be hitting my $300,000 dollar sale by June.

We all want to be successful, we all want to achieve that goal — to be living the dream. But how can we do it?

It all comes down to this.

1. Confidence

It feels good when people believe in you — when they root for you. But nothing builds us up more than ourselves.

Have that internal belief in yourself, that you are going to get to the point where you are going to be a big star, that you’re going to be doing all this, you’re going to make it.

Don’t let nobody else bring you down. Don’t let the external energy defeat your internal energy.

2. Gratitude

“Through the eyes of gratitude, everything is a miracle”

We can move forward more as we acknowledge and be grateful for where we were and where we currently are. Be grounded, notice the things around you, listen to a few songs, drink your favorite tea in the morning, do workouts, go to the park with your dog, LOVE YOURSELF. Move forward with a grateful heart.

3. Passion

Be passionate about what you do.

If you’re not passionate about it, or if you don’t have that extra oomph to it, you’re not going to go far. People with great passion make the impossible happen.

Sometimes, the lack of motivation would just arise — it’s not always that we’re highly motivated. We’re gonna go through stretches where we may feel unmotivated. But just get our mind right back to our passion and let ourselves get to the next level. Get that motivation back and do not give up.

Don Maxwell has said the exact same thing: “losing greatness is usually an inside job. So everything external won’t ever affect what you do. It’s always going to be something internal”.

4. Mindset (and self dialogue)

Your life is as good as your mindset.

It’s all mindset. What you’re constantly telling yourself, you’re gonna bring that to fruition — you’re going to speak that into existence. So you don’t want to speak negatively about your day, you always want to speak positively. Because if you don’t, you’re going to be putting yourself in a rougher situation. If you constantly put yourself into a positive mindset, positive things are happening.

Reinforce yourself — who you are, where you’re going, where you’ve been, your struggle and how you parlayed your struggle into where you are now. You can’t just be thinking negatively all the time, you have to have that internal belief in yourself, that you can go out there, that you can do it, that you are capable and that you can actually succeed.

5. Visualization

When you visualize, you materialize.

Visualize where you want to be, where you want to get. Imagine in your head: imagine that car, that laptop, that bank balance. Have that vision board, the picture of the car on your screensaver, or anything like that. When you visualize, you know exactly what you want, you know the specifics and you will know what certain actions you need to do.

Visualizing gets you going and motivated to get you wanting to keep moving forward.