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In an organization, you go through a lot of trials and tribulations. There are struggles that you may or may not see, but you can’t just quit. You have to keep pushing, you have to keep going. The struggles are there to make you tougher. You have to keep that hunger to succeed and motivation to keep moving forward.

In a team, there always has to be a leader. The leader has to lead by example. He has to be at the forefront of the field. He shouldn’t be afraid to fail and shouldn’t be afraid to show his failures to his team either. He has to make sure that every individual in his team is doing his best. As the leader, he has to show his team that whether they succeed or fail, they have to keep it moving until they get their desired results.

If you are familiar with Michael Jordan’s documentary titled “The Last Dance”, one of the key points from him is that he has a mental fortitude. He can keep his focus and execute his plans despite facing struggles. This is why he was able to lead his team well and win championships.

And when you finally get to the top, don’t stop there. Most of the time, individuals and teams lose their winning edge not because of external factors, but because of internal factors. They do not lose primarily because of other teams. They lose because of selfishness and ego. Once the ego and selfishness get in the way, that is when the team starts to tarry.

But when you’re able to put the team above yourself or any individual, then the organization does not falter. If you’re able to keep finding new ways to motivate yourself, the team will surely grow and keep moving. There’s a saying that you’ll only go as far as the people you surround yourself with. And that’s really important. When you surround yourself with individuals who have the same tough mindset as you and the same intensity of hunger to succeed as you, there’s no limit to what you and your team can do together.