Applying for a job is an exciting time of your life, whether you’re looking for your first job, are changing careers, or a seasoned veteran. However, social media has drastically changed the job search, and before you start sending out applications, it’s important to understand the ins and outs of the digital world.

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It’s inevitable that during the selection process, somewhere along the way, somebody is going to look at your social media accounts to get an idea of who you are. Additionally, clients you interact with might also see you online, which could be reported back to your employers if it strikes them negatively. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to social media and applying for a job.

Look Through Your Accounts

Be honest with yourself. Based on what’s out there, would you be impressed? Ask those who are non-biased to take a look at your profiles as well and to let you know if they have any positive or negative feedback. There are stories all over the Internet of job offers that have been rescinded over what was on a profile, such as showing the use of drugs and alcohol, bad-mouthing past or current employers, and even belonging to certain groups or following pages. It might be time to clean up your profiles to show a more positive side of yourself!

Use it to Your Advantage

LinkedIn is a fantastic site to post your job experience and allows employers to learn more about you. With your resume being limited to just a page or two, LinkedIn allows you to expand on that information. Colleagues can endorse your skills and write recommendations for you right on your page. You can also post your education and job experience on Facebook, even if you’re only able to provide listings instead of explanations.

Even if Your Profiles are Private

Privacy settings on social media give people a false sense of security. Your friends can still take screenshots, or they can post about you or tag you. And even using an online alias is iffy. If somebody wants to dig deeply enough, they can surely find you through email addresses and other identifying information. We’re not saying that employers will always to go this extent, but it isn’t unheard of. The bottom line is that anything you’ve put online is forever and never really goes away.

What You Can Do

You want to put your best foot forward when it comes to applying for jobs, so it should go without saying that your social media, which is an extension of you, should somewhat reflect your professional persona as well. While you can’t truly get rid of everything you’ve posted in the past, you can move forward with this in mind. Before you get involved in heated discussions online, consider how important your contribution to a post is, and how it could impact somebody’s professional opinion of you.

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