When searching for a job, one of the biggest things people dread doing is writing the resume. Condensing your professional history to just a page can be difficult! Even if you don’t use the resume for the job you’re applying for, it will help you organize your professional history and accomplishments for applications you fill out, background checks you complete, and other necessities.

We at Cornerstone Marketing Concepts have put together some ways to make writing a resume easier. At CMC, we have entry-level jobs available, as well as positions that will help you kick off your marketing career. For those who already have experience in marketing, you might consider becoming a partner and taking your career to new heights. We treat our employees like family, and the sky is the limit when it comes to your potential with us. Apply today!

List Your Contact Information

Even if you’ve included your contact information in an email, cover letter, or elsewhere, err on the side of caution and put your name, address, email, and phone number at the top of your resume. That way, if attachments are sent to multiple people, or they’ve printed your resume, there will be no question who it belongs to!

Keep it Short

When you’re writing your resume, you should keep it as concise as possible. Use bullet points to highlight lists of accomplishments within a position. Don’t write paragraphs and paragraphs talking about your experience–hiring managers are going to read through many resumes, and you want to make your experience as easy to read as possible for them!

List Your Last Three Jobs

Usually, three jobs are about right for a resume. List the company’s name, the position you held, and a list of the duties you held, as well as your dates of employment. These are essential and shouldn’t be left out.

List Relevant Experiences Outside of Work

If you volunteer or have a hobby that has significantly added to experience that will qualify you for a job, list it. Anything that shows your attention to detail, leadership, and ability to see a project through is very valuable.

Write a Cover Letter

The cover letter can be even more of a challenge to write than the resume! Start by addressing the hiring manager by name if you know it. Then write a brief paragraph of introduction letting them know what position you are applying for, and how excited you are about taking the next steps to secure the job. Write a paragraph that shows how your past experiences will contribute to their company, highlighting things that might not be as clear on a resume without explanation. Finally, reiterate your excitement for taking the next steps, and how much you look forward to having an interview. Thank them for your time and sign your name at the bottom. Again, include your contact information!


The resume is a part of the job search process that can help you stand out from the pack, but sometimes it can be negatively. Make sure you’ve had it edited by a friend or family member so that it’s free of typos and grammatical errors. This step will show your attention to detail, and go a long way toward putting your best foot forward!

When you’re ready for a career change, apply at Cornerstone Marketing. We offer entry level sales jobs, as well as huge opportunities for growth. Apply today!